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Grazer – Dating App For Herbivores

Grazer Dating App For Herbivores

Love Dating App For Vegans & Vegetarians

Oh my goodness! A dating app for herbivores…whatever next…I hear you say.

Confused? Okay, keep reading and I’ll explain. 😊

Even if we’ve been quietly content in being single…after a while, loneliness begins to remind us that we may be missing out on a potential whirlwind romance. Most of us will then consider using a dating site/app in order to find that ‘Mr or Mrs Right’.

So, we’ve all heard about the much-loved dating apps and websites that are out there, such as Match.com, Tinder, e-harmony, Zoosk, (just to name a few). They’re cool right? However, for some people, like herbivores, for example, they may not be quite what they’ve been looking for.

Well, herbivore’s…brace yourselves, as this latest dating app might just be the thing that finally motivates you to finally take that plunge!

Introducing Grazer!

Let me introduce you to Grazer…the dating app with a difference! It connects local vegetarians and vegans. 😊

Grazer is a herbivores dating app which is very similar to Tinder. You also have to use a swipe motion to like and to pass on potential partners.

However, although there are similarities between the two apps, Grazer’s sole purpose is to provide a positive space for like minded herbivores to connect and to hopefully find love. Hopefully, without having to experience some of the digs and comments that are sometimes expressed by carnivores.

In an interview with Vevolution, the founder of Grazer (Lewis Foster), explained the reason why he decided to develop the app.

Well, fortunately, my girlfriend and I went vegan together but I have quite a few single vegan friends that would moan about how hard it was to find a vegan partner. So, I decided to look into what was out there for the single vegan and vegetarian community. I was surprisingly overwhelmed by the existing services and felt there was a gap in the market.

A Great Resource For Vegans and Vegetarians

With veganism and vegetarianism becoming more mainstream now, Biskgetz® thinks that this is an amazing resource and presents an exciting and innovative way for the community to come together.

We’re not saying that every vegetarian or vegan will want or need the app, but we think it’s great that people have the choice. We know many herbivores would love their potential partner to share the same type of lifestyle and values as them.

Grazer’s founder also stated: ‘Our intention is to establish Grazer as a brand that reflects this shift and creates something the new generation  of herbivores are proud of.’

Grazer launched in the UK earlier this year and it has already developed a nice little following on social media.

So, whether you’re looking for love, friendship or networking, check out Grazer guys!

                                             Have a blessed day! 😊


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