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GreenBay Vegan Supermarket Comes To Town

GreenBay Vegan Supermarket Comes To Town

Fulham’s Vegan Mecca – GreenBay Arrives!

Fulham is now also home to GreenBay, London’s first 100% vegan supermarket. Having been described as the ‘vegan mecca’ by the evening standard, Fulham’s North End Road is vastly becoming a hotspot for vegan eateries.

Anderson Caicedo – Co-Founder of GreenBay

Co-Founder of GreenBay, and former banker, Anderson Caicedo, spoke to the Evening Standard. He shares his thoughts on the growth of veganism and where this remunerative growth could potentially lead.

The vegan movement is growing really really fast but it’s still not mainstream. It requires a lot of work to be profitable….We are trying to unite with other vegan companies and get more vegan businesses to either launch here or to set up a second branch here.

Anderson has high hopes that Fulham can become London’s vegan centre. With the vegan movement growing so fast, we’re sure that there is great potential for that. We agree with Anderson and believe that it might encourage more vegans to move into the area. This, in turn, will prompt other vegan businesses to open up there.

GreenBay sells specialized foods, as well as all of your favourite meat and dairy alternatives. You’ll be pleased to hear that it also stocks organic wine and pet-food. 😊

Even though it hasn’t been on the scene very long, it’s already won an award for ‘Best Fulham Business 2016.’

Other Local Vegan Spots

  • The highly acclaimed 222 Veggie Vegan restaurant is located just a stone’s throw away.
  • Pizzeria Picky Wops have also recently converted their menu to an all vegan menu.
  • The Sanctuary is also in the vicinity – known for its infamous vegan burgers and fry-ups! 😊

We believe that it’s only a matter of time before Fulham becomes London’s number one vegan hangout spot.

To keep up to date with GreenBay’s exclusive product range, pop into the store and say hi!

The staff are very friendly and are always more than happy to help. 😊


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