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Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives

dairy free milk alternatives

So Many Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives…How Do I Choose?

Hey guys, welcome back!  Dairy-free milk alternatives, hmmmm…a very interesting subject eh? 😊

Okay…so, yesterday my best friend informed me that after having been lactose intolerant for pretty much most of her adult life, she has now decided to cut dairy out of her diet completely. ‘That’s great’ I said, having not anticipated that I was now going to be appointed as her new encyclopaedia for dairy-free milk alternatives, lol.

So, how do you know what dairy-free milk alternative to buy when there are so many milk alternatives on the market? They all have different benefits, tastes and consistencies as well! Well, hopefully, this little guide may be of some use to you:

Soy milk

Soy milk is a very popular alternative to cow’s milk. Some may say that it’s very similar to cow’s milk in terms of its creaminess and nutritional content.

Research reveals that soy milk has a number of benefits. It contains vitamin A and D, as well as providing 8-10g of protein per serving. It also contains vitamin B2 and B12. However, soy milk can also cause a severe reaction to those who are allergic to soy

What is soy milk best for?

As well as being low in fat, soy milk is also creamy. This makes it a great accompaniment for hot drinks and your favourite cereal.

Rice milk

Rice milk is sweet in taste and also has the least amount of fat compared to other milk alternatives. It contains zero amount of unsaturated fat and cholesterol.

Unlike soy milk, rice milk only contains 2g of protein per serving. However, rice milk does contain vitamin A, D and B12. It also contains iron and antioxidants.  Due to its sugar content, rice milk would be deemed unsuitable for those who are diabetic

What is rice milk best for?

I find rice milk to be quite watery, so I wouldn’t normally add this to cereal or hot drinks. However, I do find that it goes really well in smoothies, porridge and homemade rice pudding.

Hemp milk

Hemp milk is made from hemp seeds and is enriched with omega-3, calcium and vitamin D2.
A 250ml serving of hemp milk will provide you with 50% of your daily intake of omega-3. If that isn’t enough, it’s also free from all 14 allergens. This makes it the perfect alternative for those who are gluten intolerant, vegan and allergic to soy and nuts

What is hemp milk best for?

I absolutely love unsweetened hemp milk. So much so, that we use it when baking our delightful little Biskgetz. Use hemp milk in baking, smoothies, creamy desserts and sauces.

Oat milk

Oat milk is one of my much-loved milk alternatives. Although it’s very tasty, low in fat and contains no saturated fat, the downside is, it can be a little calorific compared to some of the other milk alternatives. What’s great about oat milk is that it provides you with vitamin E, folic acid and fibre. Fortified versions of oat milk also contain more calcium than cow’s milk. You’ll be pleased to learn that it’s brilliant for making sauces, as it doesn’t split.

What is oat milk best for?

Cooking. However, avoid if gluten intolerant

Almond milk

Despite its name, you’ll be surprised to learn that usually, almond milk doesn’t actually contain many almonds! Some brands might even contain only 2% ground almonds, with filtered water. Like hemp milk, almond milk is creamy in consistency and slightly nutty in flavour. However, where almond milk contains such a small percentage of almonds, for each serving cup of unsweetened almond milk, only 1g of protein is provided. Almond milk is free from saturated fat and is usually supplemented with added vitamins

What is almond milk best for?

Almond milk works well in smoothies, desserts and is delightful in a nice hot drink

Hazelnut milk

If you love your coffee, then you’ll love this!

Hazelnut milk is widely known for its subtle roasted nutty taste. It contains essential vitamins such as vitamin B and E. It also contains omega-3 and folic acid. Depending on the brand, hazelnut milk can either be low or quite high in calories. So, always remember to read the label. Nonetheless, one thing that all hazelnut milk brands have in common is that they all go amazingly well in coffee and hot chocolate!

What is hazelnut milk good for?

Coffee, hot chocolate and baking

Coconut milk

Coconut milk has a thin consistency and it’s mildly sweet in taste. As a result of its high-fat content, research suggests that it should be consumed in moderation. However, despite its sweetness, coconut milk is also low in both calories and sugar. It usually contains around 20 calories per 100ml serving. Unlike other milk alternatives, coconut milk does not contain many health benefits and it contains very little protein.


What is coconut milk best for?

To maintain a healthy heart. Choose unsweetened coconut milk for desserts, cakes, smoothies, cereals and curries.

We hope you find our little list helpful…the key is choosing the right dairy-free milk alternative that’s right for you.

By the way, don’t forget that our Biskgetz® snacks contain hemp milk. So, it’s perfect for vegans, but you don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy them! 😊

All the best x

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