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dairy free milk alternatives

Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives

So Many Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives…How Do I Choose? Hey guys, welcome back!  Dairy-free milk alternatives, hmmmm…a very interesting subject eh? 😊 Okay…so, yesterday my best friend informed me that after having been lactose intolerant for pretty much most of her adult life, she has now decided to cut dairy out of her diet completely. ‘That’s great’ I said, having not anticipated that I was now going to be appointed as her new encyclopaedia for dairy-free milk alternatives, lol. So, how do you know what dairy-free milk alternative to buy when there are so many milk alternatives on the market? They all have different benefits, tastes and consistencies as well! Well, hopefully, this little guide may be of some use to you: Soy milk Soy milk is a very popular alternative to cow’s milk. Some may say that it’s very similar to cow’s milk in terms of its creaminess and nutritional content. Research reveals that soy milk has a number of benefits. It contains vitamin A and D, as well as providing 8-10g of protein per serving. …